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Painting Colors

Painting Colors For Facades And Exteriors

Different tonalities or families of recommended colors to paint the surface of the exterior walls or the facades of a house or building.

Choosing the color to paint the exterior of a house, or simply the facade, can be a difficult decision to make. Among other factors, you should take into account the style of the house, the environment and, of course, the taste of the owner. Perhaps classifying the colors is easier for you to direct your tastes, and thus choose the appropriate option.


Earth or Natural Colors

These paint colors are very common in rustic style houses, Santa Fe style, chalets or cabins. They are tonalities that complement the landscape if the house is in a rural area, and gets along very well with the wood. The result is usually a house with a sober and elegant appearance.

Some of the natural colors are: beige, brown, cream, ocher. It is very common to use two shades to paint the exterior walls when using earth colors; for example, a beige tone combined with white, with brown, or with an intense color paint.

We can call neutrals for blacks, whites, and the wide range of gray tones, all of which are the colors most commonly used to paint facades and exteriors of homes. They are a safe bet almost for any type of construction, especially for modern styles.

Muted colors

If what you want is to color a facade but not look so strident, what you need is a dull or unsaturated tonality . They are special in neighborhoods with adjoining houses, although they look good in any construction. Do not tire to the eye and complement very well with the colors of the environment, which are usually natural or neutral.

Soft Colors

They are less common but can also be used in classic style houses, usually in combination with a more intense tone of the same range, black or white. The soft colors are delicate and give a different shade to the neutrals, and without overwhelming.

Vibrant colors

It is much more common to use a vibrant color combined with another natural or neutral, in this way it is possible to highlight a particular part of the construction, and it looks very suitable in the most current style.

Painting the entire exterior of a house according to painters Greeley with an intense paint can be a riskier bet. It does not always look good and does not look suitable for certain architectural styles. Although all this does not mean that it is not possible, since you can appreciate houses painted red, blue or green that look pretty picturesque. Choosing the color depends on several factors, but in this case it is advisable to consult with a professional and make tests.